About Me

I was born and then I grew old, but I never grew up. People would say I had my head in the clouds. Not because I was tall, but because that’s the type of thing people say to you when you tell them you want to build a time machine using a Sinclair C5.

When I am not learning how to build a time machine. I write stuff. Not about time machines, but about all other type of things, though I hope one day to write a book about time machines like H.G. Wells.

Because he started off with a blog (though it wasn’t called a blog in those days) and  I do have lots of notes, and scraps of paper and diagrams that I have made over the years.

I have come close to completing my time machine but I am waiting for technology to catch up with me because it’s all about quantum physics and matter.

But in the meantime I like to make videos, it confuses people and makes them think I am mad so they will leave me alone to build my time machine.

One day I hope to make a video about my time machine and show them all.

But if I can’t do that, I will teach people how to knit penguins and red kites stuffed with newspaper.



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