Posts made in June, 2012

Queens Jubilee. Tax man tells unemployed to pay up.

Unemployed people across the U.K have woken up to letters from the tax office, demanding that they pay a small contribution towards the recent Queens Jubilee concert. After examining the viewing figures for the celebrations, it was pointed out to the tax office, that out of the 9 million people who enjoyed the concert at home, at least 1.6 million of them were unemployed and therefore did not...

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The Rave on the farm

It was May 1992. We had just come back from the Philippines, after being out there for 6 weeks, we were homesick and were glad to be back in Wales. We had originally planned to go to the Philippines to find work and live out there, but that never happened, and besides that’s another story altogether. Me and Rob were staying in a caravan park in Tenby. Rob’s mother and father were in the same...

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