Cher but not Cher alike – Cheryl Cole in trouble with name change

Cheryl cole and Cher

Cher the legendary singer from the sixties, with such hits as “If I could turn back time.” And “I got you babe.” Has contacted Cheryl Cole’s management to advise the tiny pop star, not to go any further with her name changes or she will face a lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for Cher said, “ We heard recently that Cheryl Cole will now be known as Cheryl, and that is fine by us. But we are watching closely that she does not drop the Y and the L from the end of her name.”

The news came after Cheryl Cole, formerly known as Cheryl Tweedy. Announced that she would now be performing under the name “Cheryl.”  The Cole and  the Tweedy surnames have been dropped.

She is now simply “Cheryl,” pretty much like Kylie Minogue is known as Kylie. But unlike Rod Stewart, who will always be known as Rod Stewart.

We contacted Cheryl but she insisted on miming through the interview so we left her to it.

Marcus Whittingham. A speech and language therapist from Cambridge University said “ I am not sure why you are asking me about this, but Cheryl, has always been a hard word for the kids to pronounce, so it doesn’t really matter what she calls herself.”

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