Square hole in honey hoop

I bought a box of Honey Hoops from Morrisions, and noticed that one of the hoops had a square hole in the middle, so I wrote a letter to Morrisons to see if they could explain why my hoop had a square hole.  And they wrote me a nice letter back. Here is my letter below and the reply I received.

square hoop

My letter:

Dear Sir/Madam

Last week I purchased a box of Morrisons Honey Hoops for my son, from one of your stores in Swansea. I usually buy Kellogs Honey Loops, but with money being tight I thought I would give the Morrisons Honey Hoops a go because they are much cheaper and look just like them to me.

My son didn’t want me to buy them because he thought that they would not be the same, and would taste much different, but I convinced him to give them a go. I made him a bowl full when we got home and he sat down to eat them, he only ate about 2 spoon full’s, when he called me over to have a look at what he had found in the bowl.

It was a round honey hoop. But with a square hole in the middle (I have enclosed the hoop for your examination) and that is when he told me that they were not real and he refused to eat them.

I have been trying to convince him that they are just like Kellogs Honey Loops, but he refuses to believe me, he doesn’t understand how there can be a square hole in the middle of a round hoop. I have tried to explain to him and I know this sounds silly, but I don’t know how it could happen either, so I am finding it hard to think of  a reason why the hole in the middle is not round.

We poured a few hand full’s of the box onto the table and checked to see if there were any other hoops with square holes in but all the others were fine. He said that they tasted the same as the Kellogs ones but he wants me to find out how one of the holes was square.

My son even made me check on the Internet to see if we could find if Aunty Mable knew how they are made, but we couldn’t find anything. So I told him I would write to you and ask you how the honey hoops are made, and then maybe I could explain to him how some hoops might have square holes in the middle.

I am sure if I had a good explanation, he would eat them.

Thank you for your time


First reply from Morrisons:


Dear Sir

Thank you for contacting us. I was most concerned to learn of the problems you have experienced with your recent purchase of Honey hoops Cereal. Please accept my apologies for this.

We are keen to understand why this product has not met the required standards, and therefore will be carrying out a full investigation with our supplier; this may take up to 28 days. This timeframe will allow our supplier time to thoroughly investigate your complaint and provide a written report. We will also be monitoring whether we have had any other complaints concerning this product and the reasons for these complaints. It will also allow us to consider the possibility of changing our supplier based on the feedback we receive.

Once our investigations are complete I will of course contact you again.

Thank you for your anticipated patience in this matter

Your sincerely

Morrisons Customer Service Team.


Second reply:


Dear Sir

Further to my previous letter I have now received a report from our supplier and enclose a copy of this for your information.

Please be assured that the feedback you have provided has been extremely valuable to us and our supplier, and hopefully will help prevent a reoccurrence of this problem happening again.

I would like to apologise once again and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and I hope you will accept the enclosed vouchers as a gesture of goodwill and token of our regret for any inconvenience caused.

Despite this unfortunate incident I do hope you will continue shopping with us in the future.

Yours sincerely

Morrisons Customer Service Team.


The report:


I write in response to your letter of July 16th reference the above

The item you sent was in fact crumbled in the post and all we received was crumbs from the ingredients of Honey Hoops (see attached photo).

The production of Honey Hoops involves the careful blending together of the finest ingredients and pre-set amounts to our exclusive recipe. As manufacture takes place at the rate of approximately one packet per second, by necessity all our processes are highly mechanised. Such automation, designed to make and package our breakfast cereals untouched by the human hand.

Without the Best Before date and details from the pack I am unable to check the batch for similar complaints but I have checked our records over the last four years and can confirm there are no other issues of this nature.

We therefore ask you to consider removing the charge for this notification

Kind regards

Consumer Service Advisor.


The gift vouchers were for £3 which was good of them, but I do feel a little guilty for putting the supplier through so much trouble. And I would have liked to have seen the picture of the crushed hoops, but they didn’t send that on to me.

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